Zwinger vom Arkanum


IPO 2, KKL 16/17,


HD Normal, ED Fast-Normal


Zuchtwert: 82


Birthdate: September 30, 2013


Mother: Venja vom Arkanum


Father: Obi-Wan zum Kolbenguss


Our fantastic Baru is a fascinating combination of rich black and copper with an extremely dark mask that enriches his alert and friendly expression. Baru shows EXCELLENT working abilities as do all of our males. He has high ball drive, good food drive, a crushing bite, solid nerves and an outstanding capacity for sport and learning. He is regularly worked in Schutzdienst by some of the best helpers in the world. He always brings his best game and has brought many of the best to the ground on his escape and long bites. The progeny of Baru will be superior to all as show and sport dogs, having the ability to be pet and house dogs as well. Baru shows a great natural tendency for area protection and handler protection, although he remains calm and clear. His puppies will also have the ability to go into personal protection.




IPO 3, KKL, 4-4 TSB BSZS 2015


HD Normal, ED Normal


Zuchtwert: 74


Heigth: 65 cm


Birthdate: September 20, 2011


Father: Astor vom Bad Waldle


Mother: Kathy vom Nevadahaus




Jagger is an amazing red and black shepherd who displays all of the qualities of working and beauty that we desire in our breed. Jagger is well known for his high drive for work and his crushing bite. He has extreme ball and food drive. Jagger is extremely intelligent and displays his intelligence and willingness to please in his amazing expression. Jagger is regularly worked in bitework by some of the best Schutzdienst helpers in the world. His progeny will be great as show, pet, sport or protection dogs. He is a FANTASTIC example of the training capacities of our dogs here at Arkanum.

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