VA Watz vom Schornfelsen

SG 1 Baru vom Arkanum

SG 11 JHKL Jaguar vom Arkanum


We are a breeding and Training facility located just outside of Heidelberg, DE. Breeding the highest quality German Shepherd dogs in the world. We strive to have the healthy and beautiful dogs that are solid in nerves and well rounded. We proudly breed to the German breeding standard.


All of our breeding dogs have been proved in schutzhund, show, and koerung.


We maintain top quality lines from highly ranked males and females who are absolutely healthy.


Our team is led by partners Robert Lang and Danielle Anderson.


Robert is a 40 year member of the SV and is a current breed judge and Pressewart for the SV. He is actively judging, breeding and training here in Germany and will next year be starting his international judging career. Roberts past successes include Auslese dogs, Sieger Champion dogs,Vice Sieger dogs, and many dogs ranked in the top 20 in the Bundes Sieger Zuchtschau. His own breed is known all over the world and some dogs are still actively breeding champions across the globe.


Danielle is a trainer and breeder from the USA and is an active member of the SV, the WUSV, and the United Schutzhund Club of America. Her successes lie in the working realm of the German Shepherd, having trained many dogs through the highest levels of the Schutzhund sport.



Our time is spent with our dogs on our wonderful area that boasts 27 new first-class kennels and a new home located on 4 acres. Together we enjoy training the dogs, caring for them and pursuing our passion to have the best German Shepherds available.



Vice-Siegerin SG2 JHKL Tanni Vom Arkanum

V4 Jagger vom Nevadahaus





Our new area located just 15 kilometers outside the world-famous city of Heidelberg, Germany, is a 4 acre facility we have built as a dog heaven. Our dogs live in style in 10x10, brand new kennels with wood floors and large gardens.


We have 3 gigantic kennel blocks with 9 kennels in each block with a private access and garden for each block.


Puppies are birthed in our new puppy room, attached to the house, which has heated floors, a full kitchen and access to a private garden where they are integrated into the daily activities of our life here at Zwinger vom Arkanum.


Our dogs love to run the property and are socialized daily with all of our special visitors and workers. They always enjoy a new friend.


Our new house, created by architect Reinhard Fischer of Kirrlach, Germany, is almost finished and we are very excited. Our friends and families have spent coutless hours helping us to build one of the best living and training facilities for dogs that the world has to offer.


The complete facility has been built by hand, by Robert and several of our good friends. We have an amazing opportunity to have such good friends to help with such a gigantic project.


We would like to extend a warm thank you to Helmut and Margaret for countless ideas and hours of hand work, designs, plans, consultation, and for being such a blessing to our lives.


At any given time you can find us here (until the house is finished and we live here), playing, training and maintaining our country life (in a small city).


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